How to Scan Tax Documents

We’re all concerned about the CoronaVirus.  I hope you, your family, as well as friends and relatives, remain safe.   As such, I want my clients to also feel safe and limit unneeded travel and exposure to/with people that you have NO IDEA of where they’ve been or whom they have been in contact with.  I guess that would include me!  While I am feeling GREAT and the household is NOT sick I want to answer How can we do that.

How to Send/Receive Tax Documents during insane times

Option #2:

  1. Gather your tax documents.  
  2. Place them in a folder or large envelope with your name and phone number. 
  3. Place that folder in a plastic shopping bag.
  4. Call to arrange:
    1. A curbside drop-off at my home office. No getting out of the car required.
    2. For me to do a curbside pickup at your home/office. A small fee applies.
  5. See “Once Received” located below.

Option #1:

  1. Scan your documents and send them to me electronically.
    1. Use your printer/scanner to scan and create PDF files.
    2. If you do NOT have a scanner; Install ADOBE SCAN on your smartphone. 
      Click the link above for information on Adobe Scan.  
      This document explains how to create a PDF file out of anything you can take a picture of with your phone.
      1. Take a picture of:
        1. Work Forms: W2’s
        2. Interest Forms: 1099-INT
        3. Dividend Forms:   1099-DIV
        4. College Tuition forms:  1098-T
        5. Mortgage Info:          1098
        6. Any other document that says TAX DOCUMENT on the envelope.
  2. Send documents to me
    1. Send Documents to me via our Secure Client Portal (preferred)
      1. Send me your email address vi TXT.
      2. I send you a link which, when clicked will allow you to upload and/or drag/drop files to your account.
      3. Send documents from #1 above
    2. Send Documents to me via TXT message (Send to: 732-540-1040)
      1. Please include your name and phone # in the 1st TXT prior to sending any files.
      2. Send all PDF created documents to my business cell line (732-540-1040).
        Note: Files should be in PDF format. Picture files (JPG) are not always easy to read 
  3. Text me when ALL documents are completed (732-540-1040).  Please provide:
    1. Your name
    2. Your cell phone #
    3. Number of documents sent

Once received:

  1. I will then prepare your taxes based on the information provided.
    Any questions will be handled via phone/text/etc.
  2. I will compare your return to last year's to ensure no information is missing.
  3. Once completed, we arrange a date to review the tax returns online just as if you were sitting here. 
    In order to send you your return I can:
    1. E-mail or TXT a secure link to save and print your completed tax return OR
    2. I can mail your completed tax return to you (postal charges apply).
  4. In either case, we review for accuracy prior to my sending your tax return(s).
  5. Once we agree on the results the tax return can be electronically filed.
  6. I can mail a copy of your tax return or you can retrieve it from the client portal. Whichever works best for you.
  7. Payment can be made as follows:
    1. Venmo
    2. Zelle   
    3. PayPal 

As always, I want to thank you for patronizing 

Please take great care during this crazy time.  Hopefully, this will pass right over us….