Individual / Family Tax Returns

Accurate & Affordable Tax Preparation Services

Getting ready for Tax season can be stressful to me! I’m sure preparing your taxes can be equally stressful.  Save yourself time, hassle, uncertainty as well as the headaches by allowing Brick Taxes prepare your Federal & State Tax Returns.  Legal requirements ensure I am up to date with the new tax law changes.  Schedule a no-cost phone consultation if you need:

  • Individual or Business Tax Services
  • Audit Preparation & Assistance
  • Prior years Income Tax Preparation and Filing
  • Tax Planning

I Know my Clients and more Importantly what they do for a Living!  That helps me craft a tax plan specific to their job and lifestyle.  Not just this year - but looking forward as well as upcoming life events that may impact your tax outlook (Marriage, Mortgage, Children, College, etc.).

Everybody wants that huge refund (or to owe less).  I believe allowing YOU to misappropriate YOUR money is much better than Uncle SAM misappropriating them for you!  In other words – Keep Your Money in Your Pocket instead of the governments.  That said, allowing us to craft a tax plan that fits your needs will do just that, legally. 

Small Business? Let me help you use the IRS laws to benefit you by following the rules of business and deductibility.  Again, legally.

For additional help, click on the ‘Guides’ page for a growing number of tax topics.  Including late-breaking tax law changes.

Reach out to us for help in filing current or back taxes.  We proudly file for clients in NJ, NY, PA, VA, MD, NC, FL and more....